How ITV Im A Celeb bosses were forced to change Celebrity Cyclone after shock injury

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! will be delighted as the infamous Celebrity Cyclone returns tonight.

The fan favourite Bushtucker trial features the final four contestants, who will all try to get up a slippery slope and stay in their rightful place with a giant star.

To make it harder, they'll have wind machines and giant balls and paint bombs to contend with.

But back in 2018, bosses were forced to make a change to the iconic challenge to cater to actor John Barrowman, after he painfully sprained his ankle the week before.

Trial bosses revealed on Extra Camp: "We've had to adapt it because of John's sprained ankle. We've made a special role for him.

"John's the keeper of the stars. He has to solve a puzzle to release the stars, throw them to the other three and they'll then take on the course."

The actor was instead tasked with unscrewing each star and throwing it into the trench, where each of the campmates would collect them to be placed on the markers.

In the meantime, all four of them were hit with a barrage of wind, gunge, water and giant balls, not forgetting the enormous tidal wave.

I'm A Celeb presenters Ant and Dec previously took part in the high-risk trial, with Dec even injuring himself in the process.

Last year, during a live stream on Instagram, Ant revealed Dec had hurt his shoulder while taking on the trial.

He said: "We're doing the Celebrity Cyclone today. It's always fun to do, but it takes a while to do. It takes a long time to get everything set up and get all the paint bombs set up and all the sludge and the slime. Yeah, it takes a long time but it is fun, the most fun.

"Everybody who watches the show always wants to give it a go. We've actually done it in the past. We've done the trial. We did it for charity years ago, didn't you pop your shoulder?"

Dec replied: "Yeah I did. I ended up in physio for six months afterwards. But it was great fun."

Laughing Ant added: "Fun times though guys, fun times."

Ten years ago, Ant, 48, and Dec, 48, took part in a special edition of the Celebrity Cyclone challenge for the Text Santa charity.

In 2012, Joe Swash welcomed Ant and Dec to the trial clearing in order to raise money for the charity.

The pair were challenged to raise a mammoth £100,000 by taking part in the Celebrity Cyclone.

They were given just ten minutes to try and get up the slippery hill, and they managed to win the jackpot money for charity.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues on ITV1 and ITVX.

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