I'm an ex-FTSE100 director, this presentation tip is key to my success

I’m a former FTSE 100 director and this presentation hack is key to my success

  • Heather Elkington has shared a simple meeting trick to her  19,000 followers
  • The businesswoman claimed the easy hack has made her ‘highly successful’
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A former FTSE100 director has shared a business trick that propelled her to success in her career. 

In a TikTok video, titled ‘Presentation hack that made me highly successful’, Heather Elkington shared a simple meeting trick to her 19,000 followers. 

Instead of launching into the meeting full force, Heather explained she likes to start with a personal or business anecdote, to ease people into the presentation. 

Though the method has seemingly worked for the Manchester-based businesswoman, TikTokers are divided on the advice, with many claiming their workplaces are ‘too busy’ to appreciate the small talk. 

An former FTSE100 director has shared a business trick that propelled her to success, Heather Elkington shared the simple trick to her 19,000 TikTok followers

The now-viral video has gained over 36,000 but corporate workers are in disagreement over whether the trick is actually useful 

In the video, Heather explained: ‘Most people start presentations with ‘Hi my name’s heather, let me talk to you today about this thing blah blah blah really boring.’

‘What I want you to do and what’s gonna make you more successful than anyone else in the room and capture everyone’s attention is start by telling a story.’

Heather, a former Director of Operations at the multinational software company Sage, is now a self-employed. 

According to her Linkedin profile, she helps ‘leaders craft high performance teams to 10 times their earning potential,’ and shares her strategies online. 

She said that the meeting tip has helped her achieve big in her field, explaining further, she said: ‘Now obviously that story has to be relatable, it has to be to do with the presentation you’re about to go into but start with a story.

She told her TikTok followers to tell a story about the research they did or the people they spoke to before the presentation and explain why it’s ‘important’. 

Heather suggested you could even tell a story from your childhood, explaining: ‘Just something that’s gonna capture the audience’s attention  that isn’t just a boring introduction.’

Since it was posted the video has raked in over 36,000 likes, with many users grateful for the handy advice. 

Businesswoman Heather would rather skip the ‘boring introductions’ in meetings and, instead, opt for a personal or business anecdote 

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Some agreed with the trick and added their own useful tips, one person said: ‘I start with a bold fact or statement. Like ‘traditional marketing is broken’ or ‘People hate Facebook’ – then I explore the topic and flor through.’

To which Heather responded: ‘LOVE THIS too! Anything is better than the traditional intro. 

Meanwhile, some corporate workers took to the comments in  disagreement, claiming that their jobs are too busy for the formality. 

One person wrote: ‘This sounds great in theory but I don’t think my team will expect me to be delivering a ted talk.’

While one person added: ‘We’ve to cater to our audience. I did this before and got cut off – was told to introduce myself and get straight to the point. 

Anther agreed: ‘I once started like this and they immediately cut me off and told me to get to the point. I guess it depends on the meeting/ having the timing right .’ 

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