Makeup artist shares anti-ageing blusher tip to instantly smooth texture

Blusher is one of the few makeup items that can instantly make the skin appear more radiant and youthful, which is why it’s great for mature skin types.

However, like many cosmetics, the pigmented formula can also highlight signs of ageing on the face.

From surface-level concerns like wrinkles and age spots to the actual bone structure of a person, a blusher will quickly draw attention to certain points depending on where it is placed.

While some people suggest swiping blusher high-up on the face to give the illusion of a more lifted complexion, one makeup artist has warned against it.

In a video posted on her TikTok profile, Michelle Spieler(@maturemakeupmasterclass) demonstrated how people with fine lines and texture can wear the product without enhancing their skin’s texture.

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Michelle claimed that “it’s true” that placing blusher higher on your cheeks rather than on the apples of them “really does lift your face”, but it’s typically harder to pull off for those aged 45 or over.

She said: “We’re crinkly! So if you put a powder blush up by where you’re crinkly, it can enhance the texture.”

Of course, layering blusher over wrinkles and less full parts of the face will highlight age concerns, but Michelle noted that the type of cosmetics used will also affect the overall result.

And it’s not just the consistency that people hoping to look younger with makeup should think about.

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In fact, instead of swapping from heavy powders to lighter cream-based products, the beauty expert recommended switching to a sheer formula instead.

When it comes to application, the trick is to use a light hand, a large fluffy brush and plenty of setting spray or face mist afterwards to keep the texture of the skin looking smooth.

The blush should be applied to the apples of the cheeks and swiped gently upwards towards the temples of the forehead to highlight the curve of the face around the eyes.

Speaking about the importance of using a setting spray, Michelle said: “I mist over it and then let it dry. And suddenly that powder becomes your skin.”

To find the perfect shade of blusher for a complexion, there is one easy solution everyone can try.

According to an expert at the skincare makeup brand Jane Iredale, those with fair or lighter skin should opt for soft pink, light coral and peach-toned products.

People with medium skin tones should choose richer pink, deep peach or mauve shades while those who have dark skin “look wonderful” in berry, warm brown and tangerine shades.

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