Man Asks If He's the 'A-hole' After Disinviting Son's Partner from Wedding

The groom says his future in-laws are "conservative" and "obviously wouldn't want their kids to witness a gay couple at our wedding."

A 49-year-old man has asked the internet if he is the “a–hole” after disinviting his son’s partner from his wedding — and the Reddit community has responded with a resounding yes.

The groom, whose post garnered nearly 10k comments within hours of appearing online, attempted to explain his side of the story but was overwhelmingly met with criticism of his choices.

While the tale of bigotry and family drama certainly incited serious debate on Reddit, the veracity of the poster’s story is impossible to verify. Nonetheless, the Redditor’s readers took the post at face value and did not hold back with how they really felt.

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The groom started off his post by explaining: “I (49M) am getting remarried to my fiancee (41F) in a month and the wedding preparations have gone well except for one issue.”

He then went on to write: “My fiancee’s family is mostly conservative and thus not very supportive of same sex relationships and my fiancee’s siblings plan to bring their children at our wedding and they obviously wouldn’t want their kids to witness a gay couple at our wedding so then they’d need to explain the situation to them, so we decided to disinvite my son’s (21M) partner (in his 20sM) from our wedding so we could avoid such issues.”

The man then says he was disappointed by his son for not responding more positively to his partner being disinvited.

“I thought my son would be mature about it and understand our side,” he wrote, “but instead he kicked up a huge fuss about it, saying that I’m acting homophobic and embarrassed by him and that if his boyfriend can’t attend the wedding then he won’t either.”

He then complained, “I feel like he’s being really unreasonable, especially cause him and his boyfriend haven’t even been together for that long, so it’s not like he’s really entitled to be invited at any family events yet and my fiancee does take my side, however my son is vehement that I’m an a–hole and even got his mom to essentially gang up on me about this issue.”

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Responses to the post were overwhelmingly “YTA” (you’re the a–hole).

One Redditor simply commented: “Do you care more about your SON, or some distant, homophobes you rarely see?”

While another wrote: “You’ve just shown your son where your loyalties lie. With your coward fiancee and her homophobic family instead of your own child. Don’t be surprised when you’re not invited to his wedding someday.”

“YTA and you know it. You disinvited him to please homophobes,” another comment read. “You’re setting a precedent that you’ll let your wife’s family treat him horribly and make him hide himself. You are gladly marrying into this without a single shred of desire to stand up for your son or your own convictions (if you’re not really homophobic)”.

Nearly 10k more comments followed, with almost all of them in total agreement.

The post was eventually removed by Reddit moderators, “due to the status of the original poster’s account.”

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