Mum whos made £800k from sexy venture threatens to quit as it feels gross

A mum has threatened to quit selling her sexy snaps and videos online – despite making $1million (£800,000) from it.

In a statement, the Australian mum-of-two Lucy Banks claimed that even though she has driven significant revenue from OnlyFans, she feels "unsupported" by those who run it.

In a statement, Lucy admitted: "It's disappointing that we earn literal billions of dollars for this company as adult creators, and we receive zero support.

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"OnlyFans treats its adult creators like cash cows.

"They love the revenue we bring them, but they're constantly trying to distance themselves from us. I'm out."

Despite Lucy saying she's done with OnlyFans, her account is still active and she's been seen online today (August 31).

Banks, who has been on the site for four years, claims she reached out to OnlyFans CEO Amrapali Gan after she was found out her account was scheduled to be deleted.

The model said: "She told me I was being queued for deletion for selling my Snapchat code, which isn't even against the rules.

"I showed her screenshots of where I had reached out to OF Support to double check I was allowed to.

"She didn't care, just told me to appeal my account deletion after it happened."

Lucy claimed Ms Gan's dismissal 'feels gross'.

She continued: "We're out here baring all, and we get zero support.

"I was so excited when a new CEO was appointed recently. I did my research and found out she was a mum."

Daily Star has contacted OnlyFans for comment.

Perth-based creator Lucy recently admitted selling sexy content has cost her some relationships along the way.

She told MamaMia recently: "I come from a small town and everyone found out I did OnlyFans. Everyone wanted to have a sticky beak.

"I fell out with my entire friend group. I felt so bad but another side that kicked in and told me, 'You have not personally done anything to those people. You're still the same person.'

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Lucy was also shunned by her own family, with some relatives refusing to speak to her for nearly two years.

However, she has always said she was posting on the site to try and earn money for her boys.

She revealed last month someone had revealed her racy career to her son behind her back – however, she said his reaction surprised her.

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