Trolls call me disgusting – but theyre wasting their time as Im beautiful

A body positivity model has been praised after she told fans to "level up" to disgusting trolls.

Karina Irby is known for her no-nonsense attitude on Instagram where she boasts 1.2million followers.

The Australian often faces trolls who call her cringe for sharing her body struggles – but she's definitely ignoring them.

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Also she was branded "attention seeking" for selling saucy swimwear with her company earning more than £1.5m.

But despite everything, Karina always injects a lot of positivity into her followers on social media.

And in a recent post, she's done just that.

In a recent post, Karina wrote: "POV: You level up to a point where comments can't hurt you!

"Trolls be wasting their time commenting these days.

"I don't know if I'm just desensitised to the bulls***.

"Or I'm so happy with myself that I feel like my skin radiates sunshine that acts as a protective shield.

"It took me a while to get here but if I can do it YOU CAN TOO!"

Karina ended the post by listing all her positive traits, which include that she's a good person who's "kind and caring".

She added: "I'm a good person. I'm kind, caring and compassionate. I'm strong and smart.

"I'm beautiful and glowing. I'm limited edition, one-of-a-kind."

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"As soon as you know all these traits are in fact true you'll see how invincible you are," she concluded.

"Level up with me!"

Along with the post, Karina shared a comment from a troll who called her ugly and disgusting.

The person added: "It's not the fact your fat is okay, your behaviour, you need to relax girl.

"Last thing any person would need is to open Instagram and see you stinking with weird moves.

"Unfollow and you look unhealthy."

Since she called them out, followers rushed to the comments section to praise her.

One said: "Who even says this to someone?"

Another added: "I enjoy seeing your videos every day, they make me happy. Keep being you please."

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