We tried deep fried Christmas dinner wrap – its the ultimate hangover meal

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    If there's one thing us Brits do well, it's chippies.

    You can't go wrong with a traditional box of fish and chips. While some opt for sides of mushy peas or battered sausages, others go for lashings gravy, curry or tartare sauce.

    And our takeaway shops know how to shake things up too – as during the festive season, many outlets decide to put creative spins on their fried treats.

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    One of which is Moody's Plaice, a small Ulster Scots chippy in Bangor, Co Down. All the way into December, it is selling a deep fried Christmas Chip Wrap.

    So how does it measure up to your typical roast turkey dinner? Belfast Live reporter James Martin McCarthy went to try the bonkers battered meal – and here's what he made of it…

    Arriving at the takeaway on a midweek afternoon, I was excited to place my order and give it a go. While there is no sit-in option at this establishment, I was more than happy to chow down on it from the comfort of my car.

    The service at Moody's Plaice was brilliant and the staff were extremely pleasant. A short while after ordering, I was darting back to my car to unwrap this deep fried delight, which cost £7.

    Opening the paper, I was greeted by what can only be described as a deep fried mound oozing with gravy. While I was unsure as to how appetising it looked, I quickly put any negative thoughts out of my head and got stuck in.

    This dish consists of chips, chicken, ham, stuffing, cocktail sausages and heaps of gravy in a tortilla wrap which is then battered and deep fried. While it may sound questionable, I was soon blown away by the idea that someone had created something so good!

    The crispy batter worked in harmony with the velvety gravy soaked chips and created a contrast to the savoury of the meat and stuffing. The wetness of the gravy transforms this into a culinary delight and the fact that it can be eaten without the need for utensils is also a major plus.

    While it was a lot tastier than I expected, it was also quite filling and I couldn't finish the whole thing. Would I order it again? I have no doubt that if I was suffering from a hangover, this might be my go to recovery craving.

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