Corrie star Mo Moreland dies as tributes flood in for the Roly Polys star

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    Coronation Street star Mo Moreland has died after suffering a long illness at the age of 87. Tributes continue to flood in for the much loved actress.

    The ITV star, from Sheffield had battled a long term illness and passed away at a nursing home in North Shore. With adoring fans now taking to their keyboards to pay their respects.

    While Mo had only made two appearances on the cobbles, her biggest acclaim to fame was starring alongside funnyman Les Dawson as one of his Roly Polly's. With the comedian's widow, Tracey, leading the way with tributes.

    Speaking to The Gazette, she said: "We are devastated. Mo lived with my daughter Charlotte and I and helped me bring Charlotte up. She was a great comfort when I lost Less and I will really miss her."

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    The Roly Polys were a novelty act, who were fondly known for being slightly larger ladies. Pat Ramsey who sadly died a few years back and was also a former member of the squad, almost didn't make the cut after she'd been told she had been too slim.

    After he passing in 2018, her son Michael Comaskey, explained to Birmingham Live: "I remember my mum having to audition but she was told she didn't get in. She was told she was slightly too light. But one of the other members retired and mum was next in line.

    "She had about 12 years touring the world with the Roly Polys and had the time of her life. She got into the group quite late in life but my mum was an entertainer for most of her life."

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