Sex Pistols icon Glen Matlock saved from armed robbery by French insult in row

Sex Pistol Glen Matlock says a row with locals saved him from being robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

The punk icon ended up in a scrape when they called him “le rosbif” – the roast beef. He said the fallout meant he missed his train – but it was lucky for him because all the passengers became the victims of an armed gang.

Bassist Glen, 67, said: “I was sitting outside a café having a chat and drinking a coffee with a mate and I overheard one of the locals refer to me as ‘le rosbif’. I guess back then in those less enlightened times, we were all calling the French ‘frogs’, so no harm, no foul.

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"It turned out the guy calling me le rosbif did us a favour in the end.” Glen added: “It was a lucky escape. I was happy to take the culinary insult instead.”

In his new book Triggers, Glen reveals he was set to move to Paris. He added: “I love Paris. I almost moved there a few years ago, but the pandemic came along and my plans had to change.

“I go there regularly. I play shows, I visit galleries, I call up old friends. It is a remarkable place," he added.

Recently, Sex Pistols legend John Lydon said that he was being haunted by demons – including Count Dracula. The star, also known as Johnny Rotten, said he has hallucinations in which "dragons, demons and priests" are "trying to kill him".

He told The Telegraph he got the hallucinations as a child due to meningitis, but he still gets them now. He said: "Every now and again, that character [Dracula] will pop up in the corner of a room, I’ll catch them with my eye, and they don’t mean me very well.

"They want to steal me. Abduct me. To take something from me that isn’t theirs. Maybe that was an early understanding of soul or spirit. I don’t know."

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