Doctors star Diane Keen gives update after catastrophic stroke: Fighting back hard

Actress Diane Keen, 77, has revealed that she recently suffered a "catastrophic stroke" and that her family had been told that she "wouldn't make it."

The actress, who placed Julia Parsons in BBC medical soap Doctors, took to X, previously known as Twitter, to share an update with fans after she was absent from social media to two months.

Sharing the scary news, she penned: "Hi lovely followers. Sorry I’ve been absent for 2 months, had Catastrophic stroke, family told I wouldn’t make it. Universe intervened & here I am!

"Doing well and determined to get back to normal. Just come home and fighting back hard. Physio going well. Stay safe everyone. [prayer hands emoji]."

Fans were quick to wish her well, with one writing: "Recovery is a long tough process.

"I had a massive stroke in March and was also unlikely to survive but I did! Keep fighting, drink the water, power through rehab it’s worth it eventually. Stay positive but lean on the stroke association which is a brilliant organisation."

"Diane, my darling, I am devastated to read this. Take care of yourself, rest up and let others do everything for you; MUCH love Cxxx" added another.

Replying to the supportive comments, Diane penned: "Bless your heart lovely Carol. Thank you. Yes! Was heck of a shock.

"Seems fitness has nothing to with it. Lesson from this is drink lots if water. SO important. I wasn’t good at that! Am now.! Long hard rd. but I’ll get there. Loving your posts, kept me going in hospital. [prayer hands emoji]."

Diane appeared in the daytime soap Doctors from 2003 until her exit in 2012, returning in 2020 for the show's 20th anniversary special.

Discussing her time on the show ahead of her return, Diane told the Metro: "I was saying that whenever someone asks me about Doctors I always say 'we' because it’s just in my psyche really.

"I started it when it was quite a young programme, and we were all very unsure about what was going to happen to it and now here we are. It’s just extraordinary.

"There’s people here who keep delivering excellence every day, and all those wonderful guest artists that you get to meet and work with. So going back just to do that stint that I did, it was like going home."

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