GMBs Kate Garraway calls out co-star Ben Shephard for gushing over Holly Willoughby

Kate Garraway has called her co-host Ben Shephard out during Good Morning Britain.

During the show on Friday, 29 September, Kate was not impressed with Ben’s high praise for Holly Willoughby and the rest of the This Morning team, where he has been filling hosting duties this week alongside regular presenter Holly.

Kate said: “You’re standing Charlotte where I was yesterday, listening to Ben waft away about the joys of This Morning.”

Ben quipped that he’d had a “lovely” team and co-host. I had a wonderful team. I had a lovely co-host who gives you time to talk and share.”

“He was brimming with happiness, look at you!” said Kate, who then referred back to yesterday's instalment in which Susanna referred to the cheesecake he had “banged on” about after eating it on the other ITV morning show.

After Ben said: “Not only do they look after you wonderfully, but we get fed. The chefs cook amazing food throughout the show,” causing Kate to pull a face.

However, Kate seemed to have a solution as she responded: “So I felt a little bit like when the kids go round to someone’s house and say ‘Oh Sophie’s mum makes an amazing bolognese!'

“We didn’t want to be outdone here, so we’ve been working very hard on the cheesecake,” as she pulled out a plate with a slice of cheesecake on it.

Ben wasn’t impressed with his co-stars' antics and accused her of “literally going down to local corner shop” to get it and, after pressure from the GMB team to tuck in, he joked: “I tell you what, Holly Willoughby has never been more attractive!

“It’s something. Thank you for spoiling me rotten, no expense spared to not one spent. I feel very special.”

Kate then called him “very ungrateful," adding: "Right, we’ll that’s you sorted out. You weren’t very grateful so you better get on with the job!”

Kate, recently shared her fears that her husband Derek, who has been ill since contracting Coronavirus in 2020 and now requires round-the-clock care, could die any minute.

Talking to Good Housekeeping, the 56 year old said: “I’d love to be able to tell you that, since Derek has been home, everything has been easy, that the miracle of him being at home has turned the day-to-day challenges into a breeze.

"But because we keep having emergency setbacks and he’s had to be rushed back into the hospital so many times, the fear of him dying has never left us. The unpredictability of his day-to-day condition means we’re living on a rollercoaster.”

However, friends are apparently worried about the “exhausted” presenter.

“Kate is juggling too many balls. She likes to do everything herself when it comes to caring for Derek and doesn’t want to put the pressure on anyone else.

“She’s barely sleeping so she’s exhausted and has been working on automatic mode recently.”

They continued: “It’s at the point now where it’s not even a choice – she must slow down because it’s impacting her health. Kate is exhausted and can’t carry on like this, she needs a break.”

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