My Mum, Your Dads Rogers life off screen from job to secret buff snaps

TV viewers have been loving new ITV dating show My Mum, Your Dad and one contestant in particular has won their hearts, which is postman Roger Hawes.

The 58 year old had fans in tears when he opened up about his wife's heartbreaking death during Tuesday's episode of the new TV show, revealing she passed just 18 months ago after being diagnosed with cancer.

Roger's three children signed him up for My Mum, Your Dad – dubbed 'middle-aged Love Island' – after deciding it was time for him to look for love again.

Here, we take a look into Roger's life away from the cameras…

Roger resides in Derbyshire, where we works as a postman, and can be found regularly heading off on trips to picturesque locations with his children and his beloved Cockapoo.

His Instagram account is littered with sun-soaked snaps, from visits to places including Cornwall, Benalmedena, Bournemouth, Fuerteventura and more.

The 58 year old married his wife Joanne in 1992 but she sadly passed away in 2021 after being diagnosed with cancer. Her diagnosis came after she found a spot behind her ear while on holiday with her husband, who then urged her to get it checked once they'd returned to the UK.

Roger opened up about his wife's cancer and her death on My Mum, Your Dad, saying: "I said 'you need to get that checked out when you get back' and she did. She got seen to really quick, and it was melanoma. But she didn't know that by that time the cancer had gone to her brain."

18 months on from his wife's heartbreaking death, Roger is now looking to date on My Mum, Your Dad, after his children signed him up for the ITV show.

Speaking about appearing on the TV show, Roger admitted he was initially hesitant. He said: "Following my wife passing 18 months ago, I didn’t really want to meet anyone. You don’t expect it to be you and you don’t expect it to be your wife. But I’m going on the show to get some confidence. I must have subconsciously wanted to meet someone by saying yes to the show.

He added: "Half of my family are saying ‘yes’ to it, half are saying I’m not ready. But I know it’s something I don’t want to pass up on" before joking: "But I get to cuddle Davina! There’s an experience here that I don’t want to look back and think, ‘why didn’t you try it?’"

My Mum, Your Dad airs on ITV at 9pm.

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