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IF you've got through all your favourite TV shows, don't worry, as we have a whole new bunch of suggestions for you.

Once again, The Sun's TV Mag has come up with a great list of TV shows and films that you should add to your watch list for the next week.


The CrownAvailable from Thursday

Get ready for one of the streaming events of the year: the final, explosive season of this period-drama phenomenon. But warned: things are about to get seriously emotional. The series kicks off with a drop of four spellbinding episodes – the remaining six will follow on 14 December – which transport us back to the late 90s, and cover Princess Diana’s (Elizabeth Debicki) growing relationship with Dodi Fayed (Khalid Abdalla), the dramatic last few weeks of her life and, of course, her shocking death. Meanwhile, the Queen (Imelda Staunton) and Charles (Dominic West) attempt to deal with the fallout from the tragedy, and to manage the reaction of a grieving nation and that of poor, bereft Princes William and Harry. Prepare to be totally swept up.

Elizabeth Debicki admits she found the challenge of recreating Princess Diana’s last days, and the constant paparazzi attention she endured at that time, a real struggle.

“It was heavy and very manic, and incredibly invasive,” says Elizabeth, 33, talking before the SAG-AFTRA writers’ strikes. “You only have to be in a situation like that for about a minute, before you realise that this is completely unbearable. You feel very trapped. There are times where, as an actor, like you're doing a stunt, that you experience something very physical and there's not a huge amount of acting that takes place. I think that was what was happening a lot when we were recreating those scenes, because it's really horrendous to have that many people yelling at you and wanting something.”



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There was plenty of fun during filming too, of course – including spending time on a luxury yacht, recreating Diana’s last holiday with Dodi.

“It was a very big, fancy boat,” says Elizabeth. “It was enormous and kind of outrageous, and exactly what the story needed. Bedrooms the size of people’s apartments, enormous. That was fun, and we never really took that for granted, at all, especially because we knew we were coming back here to the grey weather, and so we just soaked every bit of vitamin D into our bones.”

The Netflix CupAvailable from Tuesday

Not content with simply bringing us insightful sports documentaries, Netflix is moving into the world of live competitive sports events. However, the Netflix Cup isn’t like any other sports tournament, as it pits a selection of drivers featured in hit docuseries Formula 1: Drive To Survive against golfers from Full Swing in a special match-play tournament at the 18-hole Wynn Golf Club at Wynn Las Vegas.

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Timed to coincided with the first-ever Formula 1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix, the tournament will feature drivers including Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz, Alex Albon and Pierre Gasly, taking on golfers including Rickie Fowler, Max Homa, Collin Morikawa and Justin Thomas. It’s an intriguing idea, and if it leads to more unexpected crossover events, we’re all for it.

Best. Christmas. Ever!Available from Thursday

Are you feeling Christmassy yet? Surely not, since it’s still only November. But if you are one of those people who like to get all tinsel-tastic and festive as early as possible, you’ll want to treat yourself to this enjoyably corny and very Christmassy new rom-com.

Heather Graham stars as Charlotte, who finds herself feeling annoyed by the boastful Christmas newsletter her seemingly perfect old college friend Jackie (Brandy Norwood) always sends out each year. Desperate to prove that Jackie’s life can’t be as perfect as she portrays, Charlotte, her hubby Rob (Jason Biggs) and their kids turn up unannounced a few days before Christmas to find out the truth.

Decked with more fairy lights than the Christmas aisle of B&Q, a healthy dusting of snow and chunky knits, it should get even the most Scrooge-like person in your life in the festive mood.

Scott Pilgrim Takes OffAvailable from Friday

Remember 2010 movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which told the story of wannabe rock star Scott battling the evil exes of his new girlfriend Ramona? The cast of that fun, cool coming-of-age romantic comedy return to provide the voices for this eight-part animated series, which is based on the original Scott Pilgrim graphic novels and puts a new, updated spin on his adventures in love and music.

Featuring Michael Cera as Scott, with Mary Elizabeth Winstead voicing Ramona, and Kieran Culkin, Chris Evans, Anna Kendrick, Brie Larson and Aubrey Plaza all involved, it promises to be smart, fast-paced and packed with action and laughter.

How To Become A Mob BossAvailable from Tuesday

Following on from the equally tongue-in-cheek How To Become A Cult Leader, this darkly entertaining six-parter reveals what it took for some of history’s most notorious mob bosses and gangsters to succeed.

Examining the dramatic, blood-splattered rises and falls of figures such as Al Capone, John Gotti, Pablo Escobar, Frank Lucas, Salvatore Riina and Whitey Bulger, the series paints a picture of uncompromising men, willing to do anything to maintain their influence.

Narrated by Peter Dinklage and featuring interviews with former gang members, insiders and experts, plus plenty of evocative archive footage, it’s a sharp and satirical glimpse into a world of money, power and respect.


Monarch: Legacy Of MonstersAvailable from Friday

These are exciting times for fans of the MonsterVerse, the movie and TV franchise that features the likes of Godzilla, King Kong and various other monstrous creatures. A new Godzilla and Kong blockbuster is expected next year but before then comes this 10-part series, which turns the attention to Monarch, the secretive government organisation set up to monitor and research Godzilla and the other Titans.

Set just after the events of 2014’s Godzilla movie, the series follows siblings Cate (Anna Sawai) and Kentaro (Ren Watabe) as they investigate the mysterious disappearance of their father and his links to Monarch.

Boasting eye-popping special effects and breathless action, not to mention Kurt Russell and his son Wyatt playing the older and younger versions of retired army officer Lee Shaw, a man with his own connections to Monarch, this is a show that deserves to be watched on the biggest screen you own.


A Murder At The End Of The World Available from Tuesday

Emma Corrin is at her charismatic best in this atmospheric murder-mystery series, created by and co-starring Brit Marling, with a Glass Onion-like premise.

After hacker and amateur detective Darby (Emma) is invited by reclusive billionaire Andy (Clive Owen) to take part in an unconventional retreat at a remote location, alongside eight other guests, she finds herself caught up in some strange, shocking events. And when one of the guests is found dead, Darby sets out to prove it was murder, before the killer strikes again.

An intriguing, reality-bending thriller, anyone who was a fan of Brit Marling’s acclaimed cult series The OA will find lots to enjoy.

Dashing Through The SnowAvailable from Friday

Like the first few flakes of snow before a magical festive deluge, Christmas movies and specials are starting to appear on all the big streaming platforms. This is one of Disney’s big seasonal offerings this year, an entertaining family comedy that tells a familiar story in a refreshingly different way.

Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges plays Eddie, a good-hearted social worker who doesn’t enjoy Christmas, thanks to a traumatic childhood experience. But when he and his nine-year-old daughter meet the mysterious and very funny Nick (Lil Rel Howery), an eccentric man in a red suit with a suspiciously festive outlook on life, will Chris find his feelings about Christmas transformed?

Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story Available from Wednesday

Formula One obsessives, strap yourselves in. Keanu Reeves hosts this four-part series, which tells the unlikely but inspiring success story of Ross Brawn and his unfancied former F1 team, Brawn GP.

In 2009, motorsport engineer and F1 team principal Brawn shocked the sport by buying a controlling stake in Honda F1 and then turning what was an understaffed and under-financed team into the World Championship winners, all in the space of a few months.

Featuring interviews with Brawn himself, plus his drivers that season – champion Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello – it’s a riveting retelling of a remarkable against-the-odds achievement.


Nathan Fielder And Benny Safdie’s The CurseAvailable from Saturday

If you like your comedy series super-smart, genre-bending and a bit meta, make sure you give in to The Curse.

Created by and starring comedian Nathan Fielder and director Benny Safdie, the series follows newly married couple Asher (Fielder) and Whitney (Emma Stone), whose attempts to film an eco-friendly home-flipping TV series are continually derailed by a supposed curse put on them by a disgruntled young girl from the neighbourhood.

As the obstacles mount up, including pressure from the TV series’ producer Dougie (Safdie), Asher and Whitney’s world starts to fall apart. Uncomfortable but undeniably original and very funny.


Twin LoveAvailable from Friday

Do identical twins have identical tastes when it comes to relationships? All will be revealed by Twin Love, an unusual reality dating series and social experiment that takes 10 sets of identical twins, splits them up and places them in two identical houses, with no communication.

The separated twins will each independently begin a search for love among their housemates – but will they make eerily similar romantic choices? Or will their dating decisions prove that not everything about them is identical?

Complete with challenges and eliminations, and hosted by former wrestling duo – and twins – Brie Garcia and Nikki Garcia, this is a dating show that promises double the fun.


JFK: The Home Movie That Changed The WorldAvailable from Thursday

On 22 November, it will be 60 years since President John F. Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas, Texas. To this day, the assassination holds a fascination, with all manner of outlandish conspiracy theories still swirling around about who might have been responsible and why JFK was killed.

One of the main reasons the event still lives in our imaginations is the existence of the famous Zapruder film, a silent home video taken on the day by Abraham Zapruder, which shows the crucial moment Kennedy was shot. Zapruder’s own story, and that of his famous film, is explored in this new documentary.


Temptation Island Available from Sunday

Five seasons into Temptation Island, you’re sure to know the drill: a group of real couples who’ve reached a crossroads in their relationship decide that the best thing to do is put their love to the test by going on TV and living separately with a bunch of sexy singles.

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