What happened to Liver King's eye? | The Sun

TikTok personality Liver King became a sensation for his crazy and controversial videos.

The Liver King started wearing an eye patch which has fans wondering what happened. Read on to find out.

Who is Liver King?

Liver King is the online alias of Brian Johnson, an American fitness social media influencer and businessman.

He earned the Liver King as he eats liver daily.

The influencer is known for what he calls "ancestral lifestyle" where he eats large amounts of raw organs and meat.

His unorthodox diet has been criticised and labelled potentially dangerous by dieticians.

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The ancestral lifestyle he promotes consists of these nine ancestral tenets:

  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Move
  • Shield
  • Connect
  • Cold
  • Sun
  • Fight
  • Bond

Brian was born in 1978 and began sharing videos on social media in 2021.

He has grown his TikTok platform to over 5 million followers and nearly 100 million likes.

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Before becoming the Liver King, he had a job supporting his wife's dental practice.

What is Liver King known for and does he use steroids?

The Liver King shares popular videos on TikTok showing him doing various things.

He has workout videos where he lifts an insane amount of weight, and videos of him having an ice bath or chilling with his snakes.

Most of the videos he posts, however, show him eating huge amounts of raw meat and organs.

In 2022 it was revealed that the Liver King regularly used multiple drugs, including steroids, to achieve his muscular physique.

He denied drug use repeatedly until a six-minute-long video was released that showed him admitting to using steroids in the past.

In this video, Johnson also admitted that he continues to receive 0.6 millimetres of testosterone weekly.

The Liver King apologised to fans for lying about his steroid use, explaining that he has self-esteem issues.

He began his admission by saying: "I'm making this video to apologise because I f***ed up because I'm embarrassed and ashamed because I lied.

"I'm here now to set the record straight: Yes, I've done steroids, yes I am on steroids, monitored and managed by a home trained hormone clinician."

What happened to Liver King's eye?

The Liver King took to TikTok to address comments about his right eye.

He stated that he sustained a 'pretty serious injury' but did not specify what the injury was.

The video continues with Johnson stating that he lost sight temporarily in both eyes and that the sight in his right eye is not yet restored.

It was also revealed that there is a chance that Johnson might lose his right eye.



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Under confessionals on the Liver King's website, a blog post states that he injured his eye after being knocked out.

He wrote: " Yes, I sustained strikes, got knocked out, got concussed, got taken by ambulance to hospital and got eye injuries. Good!"

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