Britney Spears Now Believes Sam Asghari Was 'Secretly Working With' Dad Jamie During Conservatorship: REPORT

Whoa! This puts a whole new spin on Britney Spears and Sam Asghari‘s divorce — hell, on their entire relationship!

In the days since the shocking split news, we’ve heard stories about fights behind the scenes, cheating accusations, even claims of blackmail. But this… this is something truly diabolical. Is it true??

A source purportedly close to the Spears family spilled to on Tuesday that Brit has come to suspect her estranged hubby was playing both sides for years. Publicly he was always very supportive of the #FreeBritney movement, but was he really feeding information to Jamie Spears?! Holy smokes! The family insider claimed:

“Britney has reason to believe that Sam was secretly working with her dad Jamie since early on in their relationship.”

How early? Did Jamie approach him as soon as he heard they were dating? Is that why he was allowed to date her??

Remember, no one was really allowed to get close to Britney back in 2016 — thanks to Jamie’s control over her life. But just a couple months after the pop star met Sam on the set of her Slumber Party video, he was taking vacations with the family. Was it because he impressed them? Or because he made a deal?? Wow…

The source suggests it was the latter, accused the Hot Seat actor of being a spy:

“Sam would supply information to Jamie that would help to keep her locked in the conservatorship. In exchange, Sam was given access to her and her money.”

Damn! That’s wild if true. Importantly, per the insider, Britney believes it:

“Britney now feels like Sam was being deceitful all along.”

What was in it for Sam? Besides getting to live in a mansion and hook up with the Oops! I Did It Again singer, obviously… Well, the increased profile from being Britney Spears’ boyfriend probably helped his career! He’s gotten a lot more acting roles in the past couple years. Before their relationship his only credit was as a hot guy in a Fifth Harmony video. Since then he’s been in movies and TV shows with stars like Zoe SaldañaDon Cheadle, Mel Gibson, and Kat Dennings.

This source implies the marriage fell apart as Sam’s career rose — and Brit’s “unhappiness” led her to pull away first:

“Britney was done with Sam months ago and was very unhappy. There were plans in place to set Sam up with his own place and give him money to live on so that it would be amicable.”

Well, that’s happening now. Except for the “amicable” part.

The question we have now is, what reason does Britney have to believe Sam would really do this to her? Did she find evidence? Did someone snitch? We have to know more. Because if this really happened, we are FURIOUS right along with her!

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers??

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