Jacky Oh’s Plastic Surgeon Will NOT Face Criminal Charges Following Her Tragic Death

Months after Jacky Oh’s sudden and tragic passing, a decision has been made regarding liability.

As Perezcious readers know, the Wild ‘n Out star traveled to Miami back in May for a mommy makeover — or more specifically, a “gluteal augmentation procedure” (AKA a BBL). She was prescribed some hefty medication afterwards, according to an autopsy report obtained by Page Six. Unfortunately, she soon after developed a relentless headache, which by the evening of May 31 worsened to the point that she felt like her head was “burning.” So, a family member called 911. Sadly, she was unresponsive by the time they arrived, and was later pronounced dead at the hospital due to swelling in her brain and excessive bleeding of the skin around her torso.

The public quickly began pressing her plastic surgeon, Dr. Zachary Okhah, who hit back at allegations that he may have caused her death. At the time, he pleaded that he follows all “universally recognized medical standards.” And now, law enforcement officials have made the final call on whether or not he may potentially be held accountable.

On Monday, the Miami Police Department told TMZ that following the medical examiner’s ruling of the 33-year-old’s death as accidental, officers will not launch an investigation into the matter. This means Okhah will not face criminal charges, as Jacky’s death was apparently due to complications from the surgery.

Any way this could have gone, there’s no denying how sad of a situation it remains. Jacky shared three young children with rapper DC Young Fly — and our hearts continue to be with them all. Such a difficult time and an unimaginable ordeal.

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