HARRI SS24 Pushed the Boundaries of Inflatable Latex

Indian designer Harikrishnan Keezhathil Surendran Pillai stepped through the golden gates of London Fashion Week for his heroic debut. His label — HARRI — was named a BFC NEWGEN recipient for 2023/24, staging his first runway at London’s Old Selfridges Hotel.

HARRI’s whimsical universe has made waves worldwide, expanding its horizons through inflatable latex uniforms with a mind of their own. The designer dressed Sam Smith for the 2023 BRIT AWARDS, seeing the humorous outfit hold its own exhibition space at London’s Design Museum.

For Spring/Summer 2024, HARRI exposed his sculptural artistry to the masses and hosted an intimate showcase grounded in performance art. The collection, dubbed “CHAPTER THREE: TEXTURE & MOVEMENT,” offered an enhanced view of four-dimensional silhouettes based on Isamu Noguchi Peter Shelton’s bulbous artwork.

HARRI played with the body’s natural ratios across swollen latex suits, seeing grease-skinned models were Megamind-esque bald caps with extended hair pieces. The show walked on the line of performance art as bulging garments gracefully danced in tribute. Some were carried up high, while others contorted into inhumane shapes with an ethereal feel.

Besides his ballon-ish trademark, HARRI presented relaxed suiting with pointed shoulders paired with constrained leggings and Vibram Five Fingers shoes. The collection oozed with youthful energy, tinged in neon greens, dim-lit greys, and solemn black hues.

Speaking exclusively to Hypebeast on the collection, HARRI says:

“For my SS24 collection, I’m inspired by texture and movement, looking at innovative ways in which I can explore this throughout my wearable sculptures.

My design language is a journey that is constantly evolving and is informed by sculpture and movement, which I draw in and out of my signature wearables and garment designs. We also have some exciting collaborations coming up next season outside of arts & culture.

Being part of BFC NEWGEN is the best thing that happened to me, and it gave me a platform to showcase my work and an inspiring community to be part of. Hosting my first runway this season is an honor, and I’m looking forward to more seasons ahead.”

Take a closer look at HARRI’s SS24 collection in the gallery above, and stay tuned for more London Fashion Week coverage on Hypebeast.

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