JJJJound Engineers $650 USD Vintage-Inspired Mechanical Keyboard

JJJJound is paying homage to the clickety-clack keyboards of the 1970s. The durable, hard plastic keyboards were eventually swapped out with the flattened versions that appear throughout Macs and most other computers today.

A few companies, such as Model F Labs, have continued to celebrate the classic versions with remakes of vintage IBM keyboards. JJJJound has teamed up with the company for a designer remake, which they say arrives “twenty-five years after widespread production of the original mechanical keyboard was halted.”

The JJJJound Mechanical Keyboard features the same capacitive buckling spring system as the OG keyboard models, providing that crisp key-tapping sound. Keys are covered in a zinc metal die-cast case in shades of grey and white with lettering printed in a serif typeface. A USB-C cord provides compatibility with most modern computers, including Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS. It also comes with additional keys for emergency replacement.

Although mechanical keyboards were popular in part because they were so cheap, JJJJound’s Mechanical Keyboard comes in at $650 USD. Nonetheless, the keyboard is already sold out online.
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