Taras Yoom’s Dif Lamp Is Inspired by the Vascular System

Bangkok-based Taras Yoom is an artist, product designer, and creator of Yoomoota Universe. With a medical education background, Yoom’s artistic creations are manifested from a subconscious familiarity that derives from human physiology.

Spawned from Yoom’s art universe, the Dif Lamp is a quirky piece with a backstory. The Yoomoota legend describes it to be crafted from terrestrial cells, which are sent from a hero named Thymus to battle infectious agents known as Viroids and Bagds.

In reality, the lamp is 60cm in height and composed of acrylic, glass, and metal. It stars four spiky spherical lamp shades, which are mounted onto an irregularly-shaped rod and base doused in a metallic purple hue. The design inspiration for the Dif Lamp derives from the human body’s vascular system — where the lamp shapes symbolize blood cells, and the rod emulates the tubes that carry them.

“Every object, whether it is a sculpture or interior design item, is not just an illustration of processes, which are inherent in people, but also an important allegory for me,” the artist and designer explains. Elaborating on the context of the piece, “the Dif Lamp provides physical protection to the inhabitants during the night and serves as significant guide and support. That is the light, which illuminates the darkness and allows us to defend against irrational fears, which all of us encounter,” Yoom adds.

Take a closer look at the Dif Lamp in the gallery above. To read more about its legend and the Yoomata Universe concept, check out the project’s official website.

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