This Major Fashion House Broke Tradition to Design an Iconic Look for Ryan Gosling in 'Barbie'

Chanel was heavily involved in outfitting Margot Robbie and other women cast members for the Barbie movie, but they weren’t the only stars who received a whole lot of love from the major fashion house. Even though the brand very, very rarely designs clothing for men, the iconic label made a special exception for Ryan Gosling to help bring the full fantasy to life.

During an interview with People, Jacqueline Durran — the lead costume designer for the record-breaking movie — emphasized just how significant it was for Chanel to create a bespoke item for Gosling’s Ken. The custom piece in question is the actor’s pink ski suit for the montage in which he and Robbie’s Barbie make their journey from Barbieland to the Real World.

“Chanel sent over the suit for Margot to put on and it was just great, but the thing is, we also needed one for Ryan. And Chanel doesn’t make menswear,” Durran explained. “So Chanel kind of went, ‘Okay, well, we’ll make one for Ryan.’ So they made the only Chanel men’s ski suit in existence for Ryan.” Gosling’s Ken-ergy clearly passed the brand’s vibe check. Icons recognize icons — and create custom clothing for them!

Durran stressed how notable it was for Chanel to make the exception, explaining that only super high-profile men can typically get the fashion house to break tradition and design menswear. She averred, “People just didn’t pick up on that — Chanel doesn’t do menswear!” Gosling truly is Kenough.

The luxury label is surely feeling thrilled to have had such a big hand in bringing Barbie to life, as it’s become the first woman-directed film to earn $1 billion at the box office — and it’s only been in theaters for a few weeks.

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