Like Jennifer Aniston, I tried cellulite-busting compression trousers

Like Jen, I tried cellulite-busting compression trousers – and they work! ALICE HART-DAVIS reveals how she was pleasantly surprised by Hollywood star’s latest health hack

Jennifer Aniston might look like the Michelin Man, swathed in a pair of colossal, inflatable trousers, but the 54-year-old actress has never been seen with even a hint of cellulite – and perhaps now we know her secret.

The star shared a series of pictures on Instagram last week, including this one of her wearing compression trousers, a medical-grade therapy which delivers a highly effective massage that stimulates the body’s lymphatic system.

Ms Aniston has never been shy about sharing the weirder aspects of her health and fitness regime – but the weirdest thing about these giant trousers is that the treatment actually works.

Regime: Jennifer Aniston, 54, took to Instagram last week to share a glimpse into her post-workout routine as she slipped into compression trousers for a lymphatic drainage massage

Ms Aniston has never been shy about sharing the weirder aspects of her health and fitness regime

I know, I have tried them many times and will happily hop into a pair any time I get a chance. Here’s why.

Compression therapy, or pressotherapy as it’s commonly known, may be famous among the A-list for cellulite-busting, but it derives from a serious treatment used for people with lymphoedema (swelling from lymph retention in the limbs) or who have this swelling after cancerous lymph nodes have been removed.

Lymph is clear fluid that runs through our body and its role is to remove excess fluid and toxins. The lymphatic system is a bit like the blood system, except blood has the heart to pump it around and the lymph doesn’t, so to keep lymph flowing we need to move.

Too much inactivity, and the lymph stagnates.

These trouser-legs contain a number of overlapping compartments which inflate steadily, in sequence, from the bottom of the leg, to mimic the action of the muscles, gently squeezing the lymph up the legs towards the lymph nodes behind the knees and in the groin, which shift the lymphatic waste towards the bladder.

It is also said to reduce fatigue and bloating. The brand I tried, and the most commonly available one in the UK, is called The Body Ballancer (yes, with two Ls).

When you climb into the Ballancer bag/trousers and zip them up, they come right up to your ribcage.

You can choose a gentle drainage programme or a more intense sports-massage, then just lie back and try not to giggle as the compartments inflate, stealthily squeezing your feet, calves, thighs, stomach, and then just when it’s giving you an alarming cobra-hug on your ribs, the pressure drops, then starts again at the ankles. It’s very relaxing once you get used to it.

Alice Hart-Davis reveals how she has tried Jennifer Aniston’s trousers ‘many times’ – and would do so again

You can have the treatment in a salon or clinic from £100 or so, or, if you’re feeling flush, you could buy a system to use at home.

Jules Willcocks, who distributes the systems in the UK, found that during lockdown a surprising number of high-net-worth individuals saw the £8,000 the machines cost as a worthwhile investment.

Do the trousers make a difference? Absolutely. After a single session, my waistband is always looser.

As for cellulite, a couple of years ago, I was loaned a Ballancer for a fortnight and climbed into it every evening and watched in amazement as the dimples on my backside smoothed out.

Alas, it came back once I stopped the treatments. I’m guessing Ms Aniston has her own Ballancer system. Lucky Jen.

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