Would YOU pay £100 to heal your womb?

Would YOU pay £100 to heal your womb? Wellness trend taking TikTok by storm claims to repair trauma and boost fertility through massages, breathwork and spirituality

  • The global practice aims to balance the womb space and heal trauma  
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Healthcare trends have boomed in 2023, with people turning to alternative and uncommon treatments in a bid to enhance their wellbeing – and, of course, parting with their hard-earnt money to do so.

The latest trend taking Tiktok by storm is womb healing – which claims to cleanse your sacral chakra with the promise of healing trauma and helping you reconnect with your ‘feminine essence’. 

The practise of womb healing goes beyond physical treatment and promises to delve into the spiritual realm. The practice claims to heal postnatal wombs, prevent illness, and transform a woman’s relationship with her body, to name a few. 

As practitioners advertise womb healing with such promising claims, it’s no surprise that both the amateur and accredited people carrying out womb healing have got the TikTok generation hooked on social media.

In conversation with FEMAIL, trauma therapist, podcast host, and self-proclaimed ‘Womb Medicine Woman’ Melanie Swan, from Stoke-on-Trent but now based in Thailand, revealed how becoming aware of one’s menstrual cycle can ‘truly transform’ a woman’s relationship with her body.

TikTok has witnessed a boom in content regarding womb healing in recent times, the practice that claims to clear the area of trauma 

Melanie, from Stoke-on-Trent, first noticed the power of the womb at 16 years old- the age she first experienced period pain.

She dealt with the monthly discomfort like most, until the age of 32, when she was a practicing therapist and noticed a connection between stress and pain levels.

Melanie found her pain levels would proportionately match that of her stress levels; when she felt particularly tense, her pain would vary accordingly, and vice versa.

The epiphany led Melanie to tune into her body to assess what was happening, and over time, she closely observed her menstrual cycle and found there were patterns at play.

‘As I was already a therapist, I began asking women about this too, and then started sharing my findings on my website and podcast. I developed my work from there’, Melanie said.

‘I work with the physical womb – the menstrual cycle, the metaphysical womb – the energetic womb – and the collective womb, from which the whole of creation is birthed.’

According to practitioners, womb healing is applicable to many different types of trauma that can impact the female reproductive organ. 

Medical mishaps, birth and pregnancy trauma, sexual trauma, and generational or cultural trauma from damaging cultural norms about periods, being a woman, and sexuality, are all types of problems that the practice claims to heal.

For followers of the movement, the womb is a sacred space that can carry trauma from experiences such as pregnancy

There are many ways to heal the womb space, including womb healing sessions and fertility massages 

‘Trauma is our response to something that was previously unbearable. Because it’s too much at the time, we store it in the body and created defences around it until a time we are resourced enough to understand and process it’, Melanie said.

She added: ‘It’s so important to heal womb trauma, otherwise women carry this pain around with them their whole lives thinking it’s something that we just need to “put up with.”

‘It can affect our ability to conceive, our creativity, our sex life and relationship with our bodies.’

Melanie believes that partaking in a womb healing ceremony can offset the negative emotions and physical pain associated with distressing events.

She said: ‘Essentially, womb healing ceremonies follow a general pattern of setting intention, re-sourcing, processing pain, reconnecting, amplifying love within and with others and reconsolidation and grounding.’

‘I use breathwork, connection with the body, body sensations, bi-lateral music, nervous system regulation, shamanic healing and journeying, creativity, attachment theory, sound healing, generational and past life healing, in a nutshell.’

Melanie Swan (pictured), from Stoke-on-Trent, currently carries out womb healing sessions in Chiang-Mai, Thailand 

Melanie explained: ‘Healing means to ‘become whole’ and the womb is intrinsically part of our make up as women. Womb healing is the process of bringing back the physical and metaphysical womb into our awareness and integrating it into our consciousness and daily lives.

‘For centuries, women and society have held a collective disgust towards periods and cyclical changes, regarding them as an inconvenience, resulting in a woman pulling away from their womb physically, and staying disconnected from the gifts of the menstrual cycle and the power of the womb to create and nurture life itself.

‘When we become aware of our menstrual cycle as something that is helpful, it can truly transform a woman’s relationship with her body.’

‘Periods and monthly changes go from being a pain and something to manage – to a cycle that supports us into our full range of experience and expression. We can attune our creativity, productivity, sex drive and exercise routine, so that we’re going with the flow of our natural state of being on any given day.’

The sessions can involve a range of different practices, from sound healing to fertility massages 

The average age group of women accessing Melanie’s service, who now practices in Chiang-Mai, Thailand, is 32 to 48 years old.

Each client arrives with the intention of restoring their physical and metaphysical womb to its natural, healthy state.

Melanie aims to ‘clear the womb centre of any past pain, to restore the relationship a woman has with her menstrual cycle and cyclical nature, and to fill the womb with love – for both a healthy menstrual cycle, and a healthy relationship with the body.’

‘The aim is to restore the physical and metaphysical womb to its natural, well state.’

An hour of Melanie’s services cost £100, and while the number of sessions will inevitably vary depending on the person, on average, a client can expect to experience some relief and changes after a few sessions.

After undergoing healing sessions, Melanie claimed that her clients feel ‘more whole’, ‘more at peace with themselves’, and enjoy greater energy levels holistically.  

‘They have a greater understanding of their connection with nature, and value themselves more as a woman,’ she said.

Marisa Tommasini (pictured), who lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire, found her way into womb healing after a traumatic birth  

Elsewhere, Marisa Tommasini, a sound therapist and womb and fertility massage practitioner, 46, who lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire, found her way into womb healing later in life.

Marisa underwent a pivotal event during a bodywork session, where she experienced an overwhelming need to self-massage her womb space, particularly her caesarean scar.

‘As soon as I started massaging this area, I had trauma resurface relating to my youngest child’s traumatic birth’, Marisa said.

‘From then on, I wanted to understand the womb as an energetic place where women tend to store fear, trauma, and pain both emotionally and physically.

‘I wanted to learn about womb massage and it’s incredible benefits.’

She added: ‘In my own personal experience with womb healing and massage, I have greatly reduced my own adenomyosis and sciatica pain through regular massage and other healing techniques.’

Marisa incorporates sound healing in her services. Pictured is Marisa holding a singing bowl, and inverted bell thought to offer healing vibrations 

Broadly speaking, Marisa defines womb healing as a route for women to reconnect with their feminine essence.

She said: ‘Women tend to soften and fully step into themselves when they reconnect with their femininity and their womb space. When they clear trauma, energies from past lovers or negative experiences, it can really have a profound impact on the woman’s life.’

In doing so, Marisa also offers fertility massages, a non-invasive abdominal procedure to heal and nurture the area, with the aim of boosting fertility.

‘Womb and fertility massage is a blend of holistic modalities, which aims to reconnect the woman to her body, as well as increasing blood flow to the reproductive, digestive and sacral areas of the body and the removal of toxins’, she said.

‘A womb massage is also beneficial for clearing stagnant energy, particularly if you are trying to conceive, but also beneficial for those with period pain or womb conditions such as adenomyosis and endometriosis.’

She added: ‘I am of the opinion that women could benefit greatly from receiving womb healing postnatally, once they have healed physically from the birth. 

‘Many other cultures have healing practices for the women post birth, which help the woman recover and prevent illnesses later in life.’

For Marisa, her service is complete when she has helped to restore the balance within a woman’s womb and offered a safe space for a given client to reconnect with their body.

In doing so, clients can let go of unwanted energies to feel totally present in their bodies.

She concluded: ‘In my workshops, I have witnessed deep healing of the women present.’

‘Many arrive tense and perhaps disconnected from themselves and leave soft and more connected to themselves.’

‘Women have been deeply grateful for the experiences and practices which allow them to go deep within themselves.

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