David Jasons health battle – bionic’ body part, coronavirus hell and collapse

Sir David Jason is renowned for his iconic portrayal of Del Boy in the beloved BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

He played the iconic role from September 8, 1981 to December 25, 2003.

Knighted in 2005 for his exceptional contributions to acting and comedy, Sir David's off-screen life diverges significantly from the zany adventures of Del Boy.

Whilst he’s enjoyed fame and fortune and has a beautiful family – the actor’s private life has been marred by a series of health struggles.

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In a recent update on his health, the 83-year-old actor revealed that he is undergoing surgery, sparking concern and well-wishes from his devoted fans.

After he was forced to pull out of an Only Fool’s convention last month, the Daily Star has taken a closer look at his health battles over the years.

In July of last year, the actor underwent a "seriously bad" bout with Covid, recounting his harrowing encounter with the deadly virus.

Waking up during the night to use the restroom, Sir John "collapsed" due to his "muscles not cooperating."

He also disclosed that he resorted to moving on his hands and knees after falling to the ground, grappling with the debilitating effects of Covid.

During a conversation with Jon Kay on BBC Breakfast, he shared: "I crawled towards the bed… I used the bed as support in my attempts to rise and move where I needed to go, including getting back into bed, but I couldn't.

"I struggled for approximately fifteen minutes, trying various techniques to stand up and walk around."

In a humorous anecdote, he detailed how he had to "drag his head to the door," which regrettably resulted in carpet burns for the Open All Hours actor.

Sir David amusingly remarked that he was the "first person to experience Covid and carpet burns simultaneously."

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When Sir David Jason had to reschedule an Only Fools And Horses convention last month, it understandably raised concerns among fans.

He disclosed that he had to undergo a procedure to have "a fresh bionic body part installed," without specifying the exact nature of the surgery.

He released a statement shortly after, saying: "I am so very sorry for the disappointment and all the inconvenience it may cause but we are having to change the date of the forthcoming Only Fools and Horses Convention.

"Unfortunately I have just been advised I need a new bionic body part fitted. I won’t tell you which part it is, or you will all want one! And don’t worry it’s not being supplied by Monkey Harris, it’ll be the pukka gear."

He did however encourage fans to visit him at the later scheduled date, saying: "I really hope everyone will be able to make the new date (January 13th and 14th )and we can all have something cushty to look forward to!

"These events are such an enjoyable celebration for myself and the rest of the Only Fools cast, and it is such a privilege to meet so many of you, but I want to do it with the smile on my face I always have had."

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