Big Brother UKs most successful 2023 contestant, according to the experts

Tonight, after six weeks of chaos, fun, drama and silly tasks, the comeback series of Big Brother UK on ITV2 draws to a close. In the final five are Jordan, Henry, Noky, Yinrun and Olivia.

We've been gripped by Jordan and Henry's "romance", captivated by Yinrun's sweet nature and entertained by Noky and Olivia.

As we wait for the winner to be announced from the stellar line-up of housemates, we've chatted to some of the experts about who might enjoy the most success after the show ends.

Here is the analysis of the five they expect to become most successful after the series and they might surprise you…

It currently looks like Yinrun will be the most successful after the series as the 25 year old is currently one of the frontrunners to win the show and has become a firm favourite with many viewers.

Her naïve nature has been endearing for many and now, Dom Aldworth, Head of Brand Marketing at Slingo, says she is likely to be offered a number of lucrative deals after the series.

He adds: “As a fan favourite, Yinrun can expect to be offered various deals and opportunities once leaving the Big Brother house.

"Yinrun is arguably the frontrunner to win the series and despite saying she would move to a farm if she won the £100k cash prize, it is highly likely brands will want to sponsor her and will offer the customer service agent significant sums of money which could tempt her."

He's one of the most deadpan and unenthusiastic housemates in Big Brother's history, but that's not stopped Jordan from gaining a legion of fans. The Scunthorpe-born lawyer has charmed people with his cut-glass Downton Abbey accent and dry sense of humour.

Jordan's made a best friend in the house, food and drink writer Henry, with whom a romance seems to be brewing. As a double act, Lois Pia, Founder of Pia Publicity, thinks they could be unstoppable after Big Brother.

Lois says: "If we were to analyse the contestants from this year's Big Brother, it would be clear to us that there are definitely a couple that is going to be extremely successful, under some of the best industry guidance.

"For me, Henry and Jordan as a duo could be extremely exciting. We rarely see a character like Jordan, and he seems to be one that the audience has really warmed to.

"With Jordan’s dry sense of humour and Henry’s bubbly personality, you could really see a modern presenting duo conquer the TV space where we could see them presenting their own quiz show or even Big Brother: Late & Live next year.

"If their friendship lasts and they work together well, then they could both definitely be the most successful to come out of the house from a financial, and opportunity perspective."

The Scottish dancer has divided opinion throughout the series as a friend to Tom, Jenkin, Paul and Chanelle. Now that she is away from the "Garden Gang", she's gained some new popularity.

Many BB UK fans are hoping that she will win the series as she has kept them all entertained throughout. Dom says: “A somewhat more controversial figure, Olivia could also see major success after the show.

"While Olivia may not be as universally loved as Yinrun, the drama she has brought to the show has ensured she has been across social media and TV bosses may see her as a great addition to different reality series. The model and dancer is already represented by agencies, making her well-positioned to make significant career moves after the show."

Although Hallie was an early evictee, the housemate has already done several appearances on television and could enjoy a lucrative post Big Brother career.

Alex Hickson, Head of PR at TrunkBBI says: "Whilst Hallie was evicted earlier than anticipated in the season, her frequent appearances on Late & Live and popular podcasts such as Saving Grace show she’s considering her post-Big Brother career from a media perspective.

"As such a young advocate for the trans community in the UK, it’s clear that she’s going to be able to make a name for herself amongst a supportive community that will help her platform grow immensely."

Noky, who is Miss GB Universe, entered the house with the most followers on social media. Alex is curious to see where life after the iconic house will take her as he thinks she could be very successful.

He says: "Noky had the largest social media following of all the contestants when she entered the house due to her Miss GB Universe status.

"However, avid watchers of the show (especially the live feeds) will note that she’s been vocal about choosing Big Brother over other opportunities such as Love Island, to show a side of her personality that may not have worked on other reality television.

"It’ll be interesting to see how Noky capitalises on her now embellished platform and the media routes she takes once she leaves the house."

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