Prince William shows his playful side during quickfire interview round

Prince William shows his playful side as he answers quickfire questions in Earthshot interview – and reveals he’ll always choose a nice cup of English tea over coffee

  • Prince William, 41, was interviewed by climate journalist Sophia Li in Singapore
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Prince William has revealed some unexpected favourites during a quick fire interview in Singapore.

The royal, 41, was quizzed by climate journalist Sophia Li following the Earthshot Prize ceremony earlier this month.

It was then shared on YouTube, with the conversation showcasing the two discussing the awards as well as some less expected topics.

Among the most surprising topics was a question on whether the Prince of Wales, who admitted during the chat that he was feeling tired following the recent Earthshot activity, prefers tea or coffee.

The royal paused for just a second, before rather emphatically answering: ‘Tea.’ 

Prince William (pictured) admitted during a recent quick fire interview that he prefers tea to coffee – among other questions

His next quick fire question appeared to come equally out of left field, when he was asked whether he preferred Spring or Autumn. 

This answer required a little more thought for the royal, who paused for a moment before revealing: ‘Ooooh….Autumn – just.’

The rest of the questions were more closely linked to the Earthshot Prize, and related environmental questions.

When asked whether ambition or hope were more important when it came to helping to solve some of the crises facing the environment, the prince was unable to pick just one.  

‘Both,’ he answered. ‘Can I say both? I have to have ambition and hope together because that’s what the Earthshot is about.’

The next question, which asked whether nature-based solutions or tech-based solutions are required prompted a similar response.

William said: ‘You’re really challenging me on this. 

The royal (pictured) who admitted that he was tired following his recent busy schedule, found some of the questions tricky to tackle

‘I think for that one you’d have to have both as well. I think we haven’t got time. I think you need the nature-based solutions alongside the tech-based solutions. 

‘I don’t think it’s an either or, I think we need everything in our arsenal to tackle the environmental challenges.’

The release of the interview today comes after the prince visited Manchester yesterday, to mark the launch of the Royal Foundation Community Impact Project as he made the trip to The Hideaway Youth Project – lead partner of the Manchester Peace Together Alliance – in Moss Side.

During the engagement, William showed off his compassionate side, as he hugged the mother of a murdered teenager. 

Climate journalist Sophia Li (pictured) sat down with Prince William to quiz him on a whole range of different topics

He was seen hugging Barbara Reid mother of Jessie James, a teenager shot dead in 2006 in a park in Moss Side, after listening to her statement in front of Jessie’s Wall.

In a touching moment at Moss Side Millennium Powerhouse, William was also seen being given a friendship bracelet by a young girl.

William also met another mother who had lost her child to violence, Audrey Preston, 57, whose 21-year-old son was killed three years ago.

She said: ‘I think it’s important he came into Moss Side to listen to our stories. When I was told he was coming I thought ‘wow, why would he want to come and listen to me?’.

‘Lots of kids get murdered in this area and nobody cares really about the families, we’re just left to our own devices, so it’s good he came, good for the community.’

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