Lorraine beside herself as dog is hospitalised after eating deadly chocolate

Lorraine Kelly has spoken of her distress after her dog Ruby was left fighting for her life after eating chocolate.

The 64 year old TV icon told how her sausage dog had snuck into her bag in the middle of the night and eaten some chocolate that had been left in there wrapped up to give as a Christmas present.

Ruby was rushed into the emergency vets for treatment and was ‘touch and go’, Lorraine said on her daytime ITV show on Wednesday.

But, following the “frightening” experience, thankfully the pooch has recovered. Now Lorraine and Dr Hilary Jones have warned against the dangers of dog poisoning around Christmas time – when incidents rocket by 75 per cent.

Speaking on her show, the legendary host revealed: “I had some chocolates wrapped up in a bag as a present. It was in my handbag. She [Ruby] managed to get in there in the middle of the night. She ate a whole bit of chocolate and was very, very ill indeed.”

Sharing a picture of Ruby looking poorly at the vet, she added: “We had to rush her to an emergency room. They had to put her on a drip. It was touch and go and it was really, really frightening.”

Sending a message to viewers, Lorraine said: “At this time of year you’ve got to be so, so careful. You’ve got to be careful all year-round as well because chocolate’s really bad.”

She added: “She [Ruby] is fine now. We were able to take her home yesterday. She didn’t have to stay in overnight. Honestly, I was beside myself.”

The TV star thanked Dr Hilary, who was a guest on Wednesday’s show, for supporting her through the ordeal. She said: “You saw the state I was in.”

Dr Hilary went on to reveal how poisoning in dogs peaked during Christmas time. He said: “Apparently treatment for poisoning in dogs is 75 percent higher in the festive season than at any other time of year.”

Dr Hilary explained how chocolate contains a chemical, called theobromine, which makes dogs sick. He added: “Just keep that [chocolate] out of the way if you have got guests around.”

The TV doctor also warned against some raisins and sultanas, which can cause kidney failure, as well as alcohol. He also added that the white artificial snow on trees can be toxic to cats.

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