This Mornings Josie Gibson shares secret to glow as Holly says I dont do it enough

TV presenter Josie Gibson let viewers into her beauty secrets to achieve her incredible glow as she revealed she took an ice bath before presenting This Morning.

On today's show (Monday 2 October), Holly Willoughby opened the programme by telling her co-star Josie that she “looks fresh”.

A pleasantly surprised Josie then exposed her secret to her Monday morning glow as she said: “Do I look different? Do you know what it is? So I got up at 6 o’clock this morning and I had an ice bath.”

Josie revealed that she filled the bath with ice and did “three minutes”, which she stated she was “really proud” of herself for.

Holly admired the amount of time her co-star managed to stay in the cold water, before Josie said: “I feel euphoric.”

Holly added: “I have got an ice bath and I do it sometimes, not enough, I’m trying to do it more and there is something, it sort of makes your skin sort of fizzle and buzz and you just feel good to go.”

Josie said: “what a way to start a Monday”, before the two blonde beauty’s embarked on a plan to do more ice baths this week.

Ice baths have been getting significantly more popular thanks to Dutch motivational speaker Wim Hof, also known as the Ice Man.

Wim has widely discussed the benefits of ice baths and cold water therapy and claims benefits of the cold plunge include physical recovery, helps with weight loss and helps people become more resilient to stress.

Holly revealed earlier this year that she started her ice bath journey after working with Wim Hof last year.

She took to Instagram to share a video of herself taking her first ice bath wearing a multicoloured swimsuit and a burgundy knitted hat as she submerged herself into the freezing water.

"Right let’s begin this icy journey!" she told her followers, before revealing it's taken her a whole year to take the plunge and get into an ice bath.

"After working with @iceman_hof and the whole #freezethefear team, it’s taken a year, but I’m finally doing it for you… didn’t last long but build up slowly right?" Holly added.

"Wow, that was bloody cold but I did feel incredible after… @brassmonkeyice I did it! #ice #breathe".

Holly has joined the likes of fitness trainer Joe Wicks, Nicole Scherzinger, Kim Kardashian and Harry Styles, who are all said to be big fans of ice baths.

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