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IT'S all kicking off on EastEnders with Stacey Slater finding a new shoulder to cry on.

Not just Stacey but Suki Panesar has made a shocking discovery and Phil Mitchell has made a big mistake.

Jack and Stacey affair (with Theo next door)

It’s certainly been a week for Stacey Slater.

Her teenage (barely) mum daughter Lily is struggling to do the basics with baby Charli, thus proving that someone who doesn’t know babies can’t eat crisps at a week old, shouldn’t be trusted with a baby – or crisps for that matter.

And now she’s discovered her stalker Theo has moved into the flat next door – as stalkers tend to do.

Fortunately though Stacey’s got back-up from Jack Branning who has promised to help her with whatever she needs.

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Though judging by the looks they’ve been sharing, that’s less nappies and formula, and more mad passionate lovemaking of a Tuesday afternoon.

Is there another Branning affair in the air for Stacey?

Suki declares war on Ravi

It has been so long since Ravi Gulati murdered his own father and framed Suki Panesar that I’d begun to suspect it was some sort of vivid fever dream.

However it turns out that not only did it happen but the video footage of it happening still exists. 

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Or at least it did when Denise Fox stole his laptop and found it and promptly exposed him.

Not to the police, ignoring her husband Jack, but to Ravi’s family who obviously pretended not to believe it.

Except Suki. Suki now knows what Ravi did to her and she is going to want her revenge.

Phil and Kat’s wedding with a huge secret 

Nothing quite says ‘SOAP WEDDING’ like the groom cheating on the bride with Patsy Kensit’s character. 

And that’s what Phil Mitchell’s done – so well done Phil.


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To add to that he’s also being blackmailed over his sordid secret so could lose everything.

Good job Kat’s not moved the wedding up to next week then, isn’t it? What could possibly go wrong? 

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