Top Boy fans work out Jaq killed major character in season 3 finale

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WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Top Boy. 

Top Boy season three finished with an unpredictable ending with fans believing it was Jaq behind the attack.

Jaq (played by Jasmine Jobson) had a horrific time in this outing on Netflix after the death of her sister Lauryn (Saffron Hocking) who took drugs and passed out in the bath.

She subsequently went on a mission to steal Sully’s (Kane “Kano” Robinson) stash of drugs to prevent others from suffering the same fate but later changed her mind.

Jaq told Sully she would return the drugs to him and asked if it would mean she could get a pass for herself, her girlfriend Becks (Adwoa Aboah) and her nephew.

Sully looked as if he may consider it, depending if she came with the correct attitude, but that went out the window when Dushane (Ashley Walters) stole the drugs before Jaq could return them.

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Sully was furious and said this was why she wouldn’t get a pass before storming off to find Dushane.

But when Jaq returned home to see Becks waiting for her, she insisted that everything was going to be alright, despite not sorting the situation out with Sully.

Then, in the final few moments of the finale, Sully is seen in his car ready to drive off when someone pulls a trigger through the car window, shooting the drug dealer in the head.

It isn’t made clear who the killer is as only a figure is seen walking away without taking a look back.

Following the shocking scene though, fans have been taking to Reddit to give their verdict that it was Jaq who murdered Sully.

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One user explained: “It’s Jaq, slow down the scene and the clothes and the way the person walks all points to Jaq.

“Plus he said he’s coming after Jaq after she lost the drugs. Gives her the means and motive to do it.”

Another agreed: “The reason I think it’s Jaq is bc the shooter was walking the exact way Jaq did in the show.

“She also wore a load of green in the seasons and if you slow it down you can see the shooter was wearing the same green.

“I also remember seeing her green hoodie hung up in the corner of one of the scenes, I believe this is the same hoodie that was worn by the shooter.”

While a third simply stated: “Jaq definitely killed him, you can tell by her walk at the end.

“Plus, she tells her girl that everything will be good. Hunnid percent it’s her no doubt.”

With subscribers believing “all signs point to Jaq”, could she really have murdered Sully?

Top Boy is available to watch on Netflix.

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