Naked Attraction host snorts with laughter after contestant’s ‘weird experience

As Naked Attraction continues to prove popular on both sides of the Atlantic, here’s a look back at a memorable moment from the series.

The show is now streaming in the USA on HBO’s platform Max for a couple of months and has been met with everything from confusion to outrage with a television executive having to defend the series.

Moreover, the show is said to have a bright future ahead with a brand-new series hitting screens in 2024.

One episode saw the Channel 4 show’s presenter left snorting with laughter after a picker told her all about a previous liaison.

As the bodies were revealed for contestant Tony, he was asked to judge each of the vulvas.

Picker Tony, who admitted to enjoying a bit of sadomachocism, said: “A bit of FaceTime downstairs is always good.”

They moved on to survey another contestant from the waist down out of a potential six dates.

“She’s got tats,” Anna remarked about one contestant who had a series of impressive floral inkings.

“Yeah, tattoos are maybe a little bit painful,” Tony said.

This seemed to pique Anna’s interest as she said: “Oh really? Are you a little bit of 50 Shades of Tony?”

“Yeah, I do quite enjoy a bit of spanking. I’ve tried my hand at submission,” he responded. Anna probed further: “What, you being submissive?”

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Naked Attraction official trailer from E4 and Max

Tony said: “Yes, well, it an older lady at the time and she instructed me to lay still and she put a pillow over my face and she proceeded to ride my c***.” Anna was gobsmacked and could only say: “Wow.”

He went on to reveal how the lady in question had even started watching some adult content on said pillow.

“On the pillow?” Anna asked as she broke into giggles.

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She wasn’t the only one unable to hold back the laughter, the other studio crew could be heard cracking up behind the cameras.

“Like, I say, a pretty weird experience but hey ho,” Tony said looking more red-faced by the second.

Anna was bent over in laughter before throwing her head back and snorting as she was tickled by the anecdote.

Tony then quipped: “She had a good time.”

“Wow, Tony, wow,” Anna added as they returned to help him find a date

Naked Attraction is streaming on Channel 4 in the UL and HBO’s Max now in the USA

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